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.: Newbie Guide
About Habbo
Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel where you make an account which is known as an ' Habbo '. This habbo represents you and you move him/her around the hotel.You can walk, dance, eat, drink and chat around Public Rooms or Guest Rooms.

Public Rooms:
These rooms are made by Habbo and there a few of them. Here is the list of all the Public Rooms.

Public Room List
  • The Chromide Club- A Club
  • Welcome Lounge- A Lounge
  • Main Lobby- A Lobby
  • Basement Lobby- A Lobby
  • Median Lobby- A Lobby
  • Skylight Lobby- A Lobby
  • Theatredrome- This is and indoor Threatre
  • Habburger's- A Fast Food Shop
  • Club Massiva- A Club
  • Habbo Cinema- This is an Outdoor Cinema
  • Cafe Ole- A Cafe
  • Cunning Fox Gamehall- This is where you can play games againest other Habbos
  • The Dirty Duck Pub- A Pub
  • Habbo Lido- A Swimming pool with a dive board
  • Ice Cafe- A Cafe
  • Eric's Eaterie- A Another food shop
  • The Den- a Den
  • Hotel Kitchen- A Kitchen
  • RoofTop Rumble- A pool game where you have to stand on a snake and push each other off.

Guest Rooms
These rooms are made by Different ' Habbo ' Accounts.

What programs do you need to play habbo?
You'll need Shockwave to check in to the hotel, but don't worry - it's free (and safe) to download.

Here are some words that you may see around the hotel that confuse you.

lol - Laugh Out Loud
brb - Be Right Back
a/s/l ? - Age/Sex/Location
lmao - Laugh My Ass Off
n00b - A newbie to habbo.
g2g - Got to go
AFK - Away From Keyboard 

Who are the Hobbas and what can they do?
Hobbas are recruited from Habbos who have been hanging out in the hotel for a long time and who have impeccable records of behaviour. They are people who know the hotel inside out and who like to help other Habbos, both when they are in trouble and when they need to find out something about the hotel. Hobbas are online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are supported by trained Habbo Ltd staff between 9am and midnight BST every day. These members of staff are all police vetted and experienced in moderating online communities. Hobbas can give warnings to misbehaving habbos and if not heeded, they can kick them out of rooms, or ban them from the hotel. Persistent offenders risk being banned permanently. Hobbas are easily identified by the stars next to their names. The more experienced Hobbas have gold stars.

How do I contact a Hobba?
To summon a Hobba at any time of the day or night, simply use the 'Call for help' function, located in the blue question mark at the bottom of the screen. This sends out an instant alert to
all online hobbas - one of whom will come to help you. The 'Call for

Other Habbo Hotels
There are other Habbo hotels, such as...

.: Newbie's Infomation

Noobism, what is it? A culture, a normal happening or something much more? When you first take your first steps into the world most people call there second home (habbo,) unlike many things these days you are overwhelmed by the options on offer. You see them walking around, they might peeve some other habbo's (who I will talk about later) off, but without them, habbo wouldn't be the same.