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The New Rare 

obtusely there will be a new rare, this looks to be the new rare so look out for it in the catalogue it should be in there on the 16th June so look out for it :)

( if you would like to see the new rare on habbo then Search Becs and go to her HHS room and its there ) :) 


 Hi my name is canzine. Im 10 years old and come from London. I am the main reporter for this website! I will update the news section every Friday. For example I will tell you about the new 25 credit rares out, or maybe the new habbo club items and any new hobba or habbo staff. Or even big events happening in the hotel!


7/6/2003 reems furni give away!


Reem had a big furni give away! There was a 25 people room with a teleporter to go in and get your furni. Linda (a habbo staff!) was giving away the furni. As she could just pick it up from the room. She gave you a random 3 pieces of furni. I got a mode sofa a xmas duck and a Halloween duck  ;) A typo was up for grabs and loads of hammocks and lots more rares for example HC sofas, xmas trees, maybe even thrones! The next day, I found Evo in kittens help centre. I asked him how could she get Linda to give out the furni in her room and do all this for her? Evo replied Reem has lots of hobbas and habbo staff mates on her friends list. So all you need to do if Linda is of line text her or e-mail her!