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Mission: Limp Bizkit Style
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Habbo Hotel Happening's
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Habbo Hotel Happenings
June 11, 2003
... HABBO ROOM DROPPER - advertise your room for free ... Nazz Mafia ... ::Habbo maze:: ... the white house ... *~*beauty comp!*~* ... Manual1st's ... .:*~restraunt~*:. ... Dark Wayz Mafia ... Ghost town ... Red Virus HQ ... raging Marines Mafia ... fast food ... mylilroom ... **Games Room** ... -=Vlemaic's !RaCeRoOm!=- ... WDM mafia ... HABBO ROOM DROPPER - advertise your room for free ... The Pearl Of The Orient ... Mini R@R3130X ... <$$SeRcH OcToBoArD$$ ... mazedon8ions ... lizzy's restrant ... Bizkit Mafia ... Habbo Hang-out ... hotalla ... Bella Mania Parlour ... nikki's night club ... Habbo Jail!! ... FootyZone ... The Whole Enchilada ... Cheapo Now ... Simparty ... HABBO ROOM DROPPER - advertise your room for free

Welcome to our regular, not-to-be-missed round up of the latest happenings in Habbo Hotel. For a few weeks, I've decided the best advice about how to get on in Habbo Hotel comes from you, so there's less from me and more articles and poems that I think either offer great tips and warnings or are just great in general!

Putting more of your submissions in means I'm giving away a few more typewriters too (!) so good news all round....

GUEST REPORTER: Helpful reminders for you Habbos! by Stressed2Limit

Here are some helpful reminders about certain aspects of Habbo Hotel that might be useful for Habbos who may not know or have just forgotten!

1. If someone claims to be a Hobba, ask them to show their badge! Remember the badge will be silver or gold with a big H on it not HC!
2. Never ever go to websites which ask you to enter your username, password or ask you to change your Habbo email address!
3. Last tip - help others and they will help you :)


I?m sure you?ve all read your Console message from me or checked your Purse, but for those of you who have dark glasses on - listen up!

If you want to use your Vodafone, Orange, O2 or T-Mobile phone to buy Habbo Credits, you need to send your SMS to 88222. Got that? 88222.

15 Credits bought by SMS cost 1.50, plus whatever you are normally charged to send a message. You will only be charged the 1.50 when you get the message back from us containing the special code.


Get posting those cheques and postal/money orders as we've got a double Credits offer running right now until midnight on June 22. Remember, it doesn't have to get to us by that date but as long as we can see your cheque was posted before the end of the offer ( ie it 's postmarked before June 22), we'll make sure those extra Credits find their way into your Purse.

GUEST REPORTER: The Habbo Ten Commandments by tjkmoney

1. Thou shalt not flood rooms with advertisements! (just use the Habbo room dropper- that's what it's for)
2. Thou shalt show respect to every other Habbo (no foul or insulting language)
3. Thou shalt not scam.
4. Thou shalt obey the Habbo Way. Rules are there for a reason.
5. Thou shalt use Habbo Hotel as a great community environment and not as a way to scam and steal others? passwords. Use the hotel the way it is meant to be used.
6. Thou shalt do everything to make new Habbos feel welcome and have a good time. There'd be no Habbo Hotel without newbies so show them respect.
7. Thou shalt not abuse rites to other Habbos? rooms (they trusted you enough to give them so don't be mean. In fact, be honoured when someone gives you rites.)
8. Thou shalt show respect to Hobbas because they make Habbo safe.
9. Thou shalt read the newsies every week.
10. Thou shalt obey these rules because they will make your stay in Habbo Hotel much more enjoyable and much, much more fun!

POET'S CORNER: Ode To Pod Chairs by Lexmo130 and Don't Let It Happen To You by Juice_Bigalo

They're shiny and they're plastic,
In rainbow colours too.
They really are fantastic,
Although they're not-so-new!
They're everybody's favourite,
Whether green, yellow or red.
And one of the best things about them is,
They double up as a bed!
Perhaps the only let down,
Not cheaply do they come,
But once you're bouncing on your chair,
Never again will you be glum!
So dig deep into your Purses,
Your wallets and your hand.
Coz once you purchase one Plasto,
You'll crave the entire band!

So happy I was, I was filled with delight,
Free Credits there was, from this wonderful website.
Or so said the scammer, who was happy to see,
Who logged on that website? Yes it twas me!
Please enter your password, or email detail,
Pay no attention! Habbo DOES use Hotmail.
"Go on!" I thought, what harm can it do?,
But then I couldn't check in - don't let it happen to you!


Hmpf! Don't you just hate it when you find out there's been a party but you weren't invited? TheBigEel and some other naughty Habbos snuck up to the top floor when the hotel was busy and had a party till the early hours.

He said: "Everything was replaced and you probably didn't know we were there but everyone really enjoyed themselves anyway so thank you." :)

The Manager
Habbo Hotel

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